Rules Wizard

The Rules Wizard has been designed as a first step to help you determine what forms and approvals are necessary before beginning a science fair project intended for competition at an ISEF-affiliated fair or the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Your answers to the following list of questions will return a list of forms and information that most likely will pertain to your project. All users are sent through the entire series of nine questions; if the question is not applicable, please mark "None of the Above" or click the "Next" button to proceed through the Wizard. The questions are designed to be repetitive to ensure that you have considered all aspects of your project. These forms and the accompanying rules should be reviewed closely with a teacher or mentor BEFORE experimentation begins.

This wizard is intended to be a helping tool, but cannot account for all specifics and situations of your individual project. Please be sure to review the International Rules. The ISEF SRC (Scientific Review Committee) is available via e-mail ( or phone to answer any specific questions you may have.

You can move through the wizard screens by using the "Previous" and/or "Next" buttons or you can restart the wizard by using the "Clear & Restart" button at the top or bottom of each page.